Day#288: Tell me how you make toast?

Day#288: Tell me how you make toast?

Hey Designers and Researchers, today I wanted to chat to you about this highly interesting Ted Talk i just watched. The talk was done by Tom Wujec, and he discusses his findings of getting a multitude of people to draw out the steps for making toast. The task may seem simple first but what Tom eloquently discusses is how different people focus on different aspects of the process, some focused on steps for making sure the toaster was set up, plugged in etc, whereas others focused on the quality of the actual toast. Tom Wujec explains how by incorporating this as a team activity, and allowing for workshops that facilitate this. It can be clear what are the important points for the project as well as points that perhaps some individuals may think of, and not others. Check out the video below for more info.

In relation to UX?

Well this can be a well documented User Journey that highlights each and every step, this will help with pinpointing pain points when testing occurs

Another known method that this could relate to is Affinity Mapping, yes this is where us Uxers get known for over consumption of sticky notes. Check out the videos below on Affinity Mapping.

The thing is when introduced to the concept of making toast it seemed rather simple, but often it is confused with people’s own experiences, perceptions and subjective opinions. Even doing a quick task like this to break the ice with your stakeholders and other members of the team working on the project can help everyone see the importance of collaboration and working together with consistent feedback and iterations. Hope you enjoyed the Ted Talk as much as I did, happy researching until next time

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