Day#291: 5 things to do at a new UX job

Day#291: 5 things to do at a new UX job

Hey Researchers and Designers, I recently started a new position and thought it would an interesting activity to share some tips on what you should be doing in your first month. Keep in mind I am not saying I am the best at this, and happy to hear everyone else’s ideas on what they do when they start a new job too!

1. Learn learn learn!

I cant state this one enough, when you start somewhere it will be your job to find out as much as you can about the company. Dependant on the company that information may come from a fellow Uxer, your team lead or senior management. In my personal case I put together a list of questions for the senior stakeholders and we put some time aside, where we could talk freely about my questions, concerns and ideas for research moving forward. Don’t wait for things to be explained to you, ask as many questions as you can. And don’t feel nervous about asking the obvious questions, when you have just started nobody expects you to know everything about the company.

2. Connect with other teams and colleagues

This is where the extroverts truly shine, being able to start conversations with total strangers. I on the other hand can sometimes be a little hesitant in new surroundings. I tend to still push myself till that boundary is crossed, once it is though I am pretty comfortable with chatting with people etc. It is always easier to know people in various teams from a UX perspective, we deal with so many different facets of the business. And the last thing you want to portray is the person who only comes knocking when they want something, this may seem normal in certain cultures. However the people I have dealt with like building a connection from my experience.

3. Research and find all past documentation

If you are stepping into a new role that has just been created then you may not have lots of documentation to go through to learn from. However if you are stepping into a team of Users or a role you are replacing then inquire about this. You will be able to gauge what has been assessed and testing in the past, what types of changes were made and if documented you may be able to see issues as well, whether it comes from a technical perspective of the actual product or people related.

Speak with customer service

All of these points connect with another, and this could possibly fall under the learn section as well. However the first learning section is to learn about the business, this will be to learn about the current and past pain points that the business if having. If customer service sits with you on site, take them for a coffee and ask them about their experiences. At the place where I currently work customer service is situated in a different country so we had to match up in the midst of very different time zones and after chatting a bit online. I then sent through a more structured list of some questions I had. I would state again though if CS sit on site with you rather meet with them. You want to build a relationship with these patient people that deal with customers all day, they will share so many insights on the product.

Understand company culture

This important to understand before you take on the new job, changing jobs is a huge process and you don’t want to be moving to an environment that does not suit you. I don’t work well in rigid environments, and have enjoyed being able to work from home with my new position. The point is to find something that suits you, if you like the structure then work for a company that is that way. Also work on finding out who the stakeholders are in the projects you are working on, you don’t want to be leaving out key individuals if it is your job to organise workshops and meetings with people.

Okay so that’s all for today, comment down below if you have any other tips for starting a new job and happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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