Day#298: Choice Supportive Bias

Day#298: Choice Supportive Bias

Hey Researchers and Designers and for today I wanted to chat about Choice Supportive Bias, this is where people make a choice and then because they have made a choice their future ideas and statements support that choice. It is difficult to admit one is wrong, hence it becomes easier to assume that the decision made was the best decision. The You tuber in this video goes through some nice examples in relation to the choice supportive bias, check it out at 03:07 in the video.

Some other resources on the Choice Supportive Bias

Relation to UX

What was interesting is the second article I linked above indicated that the Choice supportive Bias is more prevalent in older adults. In relation to UX, this can happen when a decision is made on a project, it can end up become a total wreck in terms of sucking company finances and time, yet does not yield any results. I have seen this before, and simply because the company had seen other companies do X, they thought it could work for them. This then became a spiraling fixation of more and more bad decisions, without considering actual Users or prototyping before commencing on Dev time. I am so glad I am in a research friendly environment now. Interested to hear if anyone has any other experiences with the Choice Supportive Bias? Happy researching until next time Uxers.

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