Day#300: The Ostrich Bias & its relation to UX

Day#300: The Ostrich Bias & its relation to UX

This is yet another Bias that is common in society and in the UX community. The concept is as simple as it sounds, it is when someone has a belief in mind, and then progresses to “putting their head in the ground” like an Ostrich on all other beliefs that may oppose it. The ability for Researchers and Designers to be unbiased is extremely important in the context of testing and presenting on findings and possible solutions.

See a list of other resources on The Ostrich Bias below

Check out the video below at 04:28 when the You tuber discusses The Ostrich Bias

Relation to UX

I’m sure that you have noticed by now, that these Biases can be presented in many different ways with people. One thing that comes to mind for me is tools in the UX community. I still know of Designers who are using Photoshop because it is what they are comfortable with. It really can be intimidating to learn a new tool or skill but it can really influence productivity for the better, if you research into some of the newer tools. The whole toolboX vs tool is inconsequential in my argument here, I mean use whatever tool works, just make sure you know what is out there before making your final decision.

Before you go check out this other video below, I generally leave my personal beliefs out of this blog however the beginning of this video illustrates the Ostrich Bias very well. So even if you don’t watch the entire video, give the first 5 – 8 minutes a watch.

Happy researching until next time Uxers.

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