Day#302: Entertainer Page Error Review

Day#302: Entertainer Page Error Review

Hey Researchers and Designers and for today I wanted to chat about The Entertainer, I have done a fairly basic review of the product earlier on last year but today’s review will be more from a UX perspective than before. Firstly I was on the App and had a redirect which I followed and was then faced with the screen you see below as well on on my LinkedIn here. Before I go into too much detail on this screen, know that The Entertainer is actually one of my favorite Apps, it is great for getting discounts on a number of things and allows for me with my rare dietary requirements to even enjoy the benefits, with it having a few vegan restaurants on the App as well.

However I often feel the search method for finding a restaurant on the food side is fairly difficult to use, the interface can really be improved a lot and hopefully they do some improvements in the near future. On the screen that I have mentioned here are the issues that I found

1. Having an error message users don’t understand

Yes this may be Error 8, hoping I don’t come across errors 1 – 7. But as a User they don’t care what error number this is, the main point if you can have specific communication on an error is to redirect the user and let them know that they did not do anything wrong.

2. Using jargon users don’t understand

This happens all the time with error messages, the company has an internal reason of why errors occur but explaining it in this complex fashion is again an overkill. A large amount of your users won’t even know what a web server is, so no point in wasting their time by telling them this.

3. Asking users to contact you

This contact command is ridiculous, firstly I am told as a User that this Error (#8) occurred while the web server was processing my request. Then I an told “Contact us if you think this is a server error, again know your users and their goals. The users main concern is seeing potential deals in their area, then using said deals when they need to. Luckily this did not stop me while I was trying to redeem a deal, but still the effort required for a user to report this issue is rare. Even more so that a user will report it, because it seems like they will need to know if its a server error to report this. Nobody wants to seem stupid and having the forewarning of this server issue, makes me think that if I report this I will somehow have to explain what I think the problem is because of instead of simply indicating that I as a user have a problem.

Error messages will always be around, whether their are user errors or product errors, they need to be considered though in relation to the copy, design and the ability to direct the user back on their initial path. Error pages like any other part of the product can be tested, and if this was tested it would have been established that users don’t even care about what number the error is etc. Yes that may sound presumptuous however in this instant I was a user and that is how I felt. I also think something to always remember is to not punish the user for a wrong action which may lead to an error, this may be done inadvertently like in this instance but could still lead to users not really even knowing what they have done and exiting the product. Happy researching until next time, and good look on those error pages!

Bye for now

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