Day#305: Presenting with confidence

Day#305: Presenting with confidence

I recently did a presentation and was so nervous when I started, it got me thinking how can these nerves be curbed before an interview. Nothing like going into a meeting where you need to present and be able to stand your ground aaaand your voice is wobbly. Luckily I think I conceal it well, on the outside I may seem a little nervous, but on the inside I am generally a bag of nerves. I think what helps me stay calm is preparing in advance that way I am not relying on notes or forgetting what I need to say in the moment. It’s basically that you want to cancel out all other things that your mind would focus on, so if you know what you want to talk about off by heart, then even if you are nervous you will at least know what you are talking about. 

I watch a lot of talks, from Ted talks to speeches and go to conferences etc and one thing that I notice is that good speakers never “ummm” a lot. It can happen with nerves with some people and before you know it, after every single word you are “umming”. Another pattern that I notice, is people starting out and saying “Oh I don’t know why I was asked to present today..” “Or not sure what I am doing here…” I really like people who take charge when they are giving a talk, own your value, you have been asked because you pose some value to everyone in the room, SO OWN IT! I am going to include some videos, give it a watch and enjoy!

So the above video is a great example of creating a compelling sequence in any presentation, obviously if you run regular presentations you will want to change it up every so often as people will get used to it. I actually will keep a note of this and use this in my next presentation!

The above was also a great video, I am an avid TedTalk enthusiast. I have watched Ted Talks on a number of topics from diet, to tech and psychology. Sometimes I am left amazed and in awe and other times ready for the video to end. The above video shows what makes a great Ted Talk, something that I took away from this video is when you are talking to people that are not experts in your field you are speaking about change the wording. Using metaphors can help people understand complex content, and this can be used to help people understand various UX practices or processes etc. Thanks for stopping by, it has been a while since I wrote a post, I fall behind every now and again and back date some posts. The horror! Happy researching until next time.
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