Day#306: Dealing with conflict

Day#306: Dealing with conflict

Hey Researchers and designers, today I wanted to talk about conflict, let’s face it at some point in our careers we all have conflict. What defines a person is how they react and deal with it. Growing up you see your parents react one way, you never fathom that they act differently in a professional capacity. I had a very emotional reactive parents and initially when I started working I was very emotional and took things personal. It takes time, effort and understanding to see the bigger picture. It is also tricky with first jobs because at no point do people prepare you for the conflict that is life, there is so many things that happened in my professional career, that just left me dumbfounded haha. 

I also think growing up in a indian household that was fairly conservative lead to certain cultural norms being formed in my behaviour. For example, I was taught to always apologize, smile, be polite etc. All sound like great characteristics, however when in a working environment you don’t want to apologize when things are not even your fault, it is often good to follow with an explanation on an action, however I was taught apologizing was all it took. The reason why I am being so blatantly honest about this weird trait I have tried to work hard on lately is because we all may have something like this. Maybe yours is the opposite and you got the impression that you never ever say sorry, that is also not right. In life we have to look at the natural things we assume are correct and question our behaviour, work on ways to be the best possible version of ourselves as we mature and grow. 

Check out the video below by Linda Raynier she is a career coach, and I have watched so many of her videos on interviewing etc. Happy researching until next time, bye for now. 

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