Day#307: 5 ways to prepare for a UX Assessment

Day#307: 5 ways to prepare for a UX Assessment

So you landed an interview at that amazing company you have been dreaming about and you are awaiting final feedback. Then you get feedback that they would like to invite you over for a technical assessment. If you are anything like me you were so excited and stressed at the same,in today’s post I am going to go through how you can prepare for the next UX technical assessment you may have. 

5 ways to prepare for a UX assessment

1.Go over common questions

When I say common questions it could be the what is your process when doing X, or it could be more in depth I have had in person technical assessments which had a case study and  a 4 hour time limit. In that 4 hours I had to interview with mock client, work with a mock team and create a low fi product. Understanding the basics on how you would run through a problem beforehand will help you from making mistakes in the moment. 

2. Ensure you know all the details beforehand

Don’t ever assume the assessment is X long, ask and then plan your day accordingly. Consider taking the morning off if it is in the afternoon, if you have a job where emergencies can pop up, nothing worse than having an emergency and you are then still in a different frame of mind when you need to be concentrating on the assessment or you may even have to reschedule the assessment. Another reason why knowing the time length is important is because you don’t want to take too long on a specific section thinking that it is a loose assessment and then when the time is up you haven’t managed to finish. 

3. Stay calm during the assessment 

When you are stressed you can forget things, remember why you are there. You were acknowledged as someone of value and were purposely invited. You simply have to motivate your case and tick all the boxes in the assessment. 

4. Follow instructions carefully

If the assessor indicates you have to showcase X then work on displaying that don’t get distracted by showing them something else that is not in the exercise. This is a broad statement and yes on certain occasions dependant on the situation it may result in you standing out by you indicating  new method or idea for presenting X etc.

5. If you make a mistake but realize it, be honest and open about it.

I was on in an assessment where there was a panel watching me go through a case study. I made a mistake in the beginning on something so simple, I carried on at first not realizing my mistake then later on realized because I was missing a piece of the puzzle and picked up on it. Instead of holding it in, I stopped and mentioned it to my assessors, the one assessor nodded and smiled and wrote something down. At the end of the day they will understand and I personally think be lenient if you bring it up later, UX is a difficult thing to test in a short period of time, and nerves can really be a defining factor in forgetting certain things.

Maybe after reading this you are like this all seems so general, the problem is that UX technical assessments can be so different. Some may be onsite and the company will invite you over for the day, others may allow for you to do it at home etc. It really depends on the company in question, one thing I have noticed is that you should take note of the types of tasks, if they are asking you to high fidelity ui mock up then you can bet it the position is more UI focused. Bring it up with the company and ask them about the research and testing side of things. Good luck for you next assessment and happy researching Uxers

Bye for now

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