Day#311: Day #311 My journey at Nedbank

Day#311: Day #311 My journey at Nedbank

I recently started working at Nedbank and wow has it been an adventure. I never expected to have such a wonderful experience at this company. I started around July and flew to Johannesburg for the interview, I was so excited before the interview and was hoping I wouldn’t mess it up, in all honesty the excitement was for the role. I was on the other hand a little nervous working for a bank. My interview was held at a coffee shop across the road from the Nedbank Head Offices, and in retrospect I’m glad for that. Their Head Office may have been slightly intimidating, I’m supposed to work on portraying my best self I suppose but honesty is so important to be honest about these things, we all feel them, and really I would have gotten nervous by the sheer size of the inside of the building. 

Anyway back to the first interview I came prepared with a bound file of my work, and some ideas on products and issues I had noticed on the Nedbank client facing digital side. That was not a prerequisite by the way, I am just overly prepared, I share this because that always helps to show initiative and interest in what you do. In the interview I heard about the Nedbank ecosystem from the head of experience and was interested when he explained how research was being organised in the Nedbank space. Our time went by so fast, and the over all interview was so different from others I had been on… In a good way if that wasn’t clear. I left and went back, I still had other interviews I was prepping for, but this one was my favourite. I wanted this role because it was more specialised on Research, where as other roles were more general UX positions. Nothing against those people that are in those roles, but I knew it wasn’t for me. What was interesting was that I was interviewing with a number of Banks at that time, it seems like there were the most jobs in Fintech over any other industries. This was a great sign showing companies taking on the value of what we do.

Fast forward to the end of that week, and I was preparing to go back to Cape Town. I was initially told not to hold my breath and that Nedbank may take long, I was very excited to get a call in that same week that they wanted me on board, not only that but they were keen on me starting sooner. I ended up staying in Johannesburg from the same week of interviewing, and arranging my move via my phone and with the help of my partner. It’s been almost 6 months later, my story at Nedbank is still being written and I’m still working hard on constantly improving my skill set and enjoying all the different types of products I am getting to work on. I work with an amazing team, and find them all to be helpful and easy going. We have an even more amazing leader, in my entire working career thus far I have only had a very few good leaders, and the current head of research is one of them. She is extremely knowledgeable in Research and methodologies, as well as has our backs. She also discusses ways to improve and is always around to listen with a logical and helpful approach. 

I sometimes still feel the Imposter Syndrome creeping up in me, like an old friend trying to rekindle a lost friendship, and I have to remind myself that I am in a position because I have the skill set, because I know what I am doing, and I am constantly learning more and more in this ever changing industry. As I said before, I have only been at Nedbank coming on 6 months, in tech that is forever haha! But I feel like this is one place I could really stay at for a long time, I am getting to work on so many different and interesting projects and learning so much along the way. I feel like my journey has only started…

Happy Researching Uxers 


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