Day#314: Strider Weekend Away

Day#314: Strider Weekend Away

Hey Uxers for today I wanted to have a post on the wonderful year end get away that Strider Tech hosted for us this past weekend. So just to explain for all those wondering I am based at Nedbank in Sandton in Johannesburg South Africa, but I am actually not permanent with Nedbank, I am a contractor through the company StriderTech and based at Nedbank Premises. I often feel so much more knowledgeable with Nedbank practises etc. because well I am based at Nedbank. We have a monthly lunch/dinner with Stridertech and also meet with the head of our team to chat on progress, struggles etc. This past weeekend away is something Strider does at the end of the year and wow was it amazing!

To be honest I don’t go away on holidays,I think I just enjoy devoting my budget for other things like learning, saving for my future, etc. Yes how boring I know haha! When I initially got the invite for the night away I was a bit hesitant to be honest, I’m a homebody and enjoy being comfortable and relaxed in my home space. I decided it was worth a try, and that all the time spent thus far with the Strider folk was great. We met at 24 Central in Sandton and all went together on a bus rented out by Strider. We went to the Black Rhino Lodge and wow what an experience, we went on two Game Drives and I absolutely loved both of them. We got to see rhinos, giraffes and elephants up close. One elephant was up close standing in the dirt road and eating right in front of us! I think what stood out for me most was the feeling of how big the world really is, I can’t get that picture of those vast hills expanding as far as I could see out of my mind. The feeling of being surrounded by trees and quietness was so refreshing.. I can’t help but mention a study done on people’s perspective, the study shows that when people see large mountains it makes their own personal problems seem smaller, and changes their perspective. I can’t seem to find that exact study though hmm.. I know sometimes I am so caught up in the day to day tasks and sometimes feel like I have a never ending list of things to do. But just being there even though it was for one night, it was great to unwind and relax. Before I end off, I wanted to share some interesting behaviours I learnt about the animals whilst on the two safari’s..

Firstly the buffalo all clustered in a circle/oval formation, they do that to protect the young in the centre. I thought of how as a team you should discuss and argue, but when it comes to outside interference you should stick together and appear as a united front. Having the leaders of the group protect those that are more junior is a necessary requirement for any team, you need to trust your leaders and know that they have your back. I learnt about the dung beetles seeing them push a little ball of faeces across the road, the male rolls the ball, and the female sits on the top of the ball. She helps with balancing the ball.. when we work together, we each have a role. From afar it may seem as if someone is doing nothing, but you may never know what someone’s role is from just watching from afar. Finally I got bitten by a million mosquitoes on my ankles and that taught me the most important lesson of all, bring mosquito repellent the next time I go, and no more 3 quarter pants in the bush phew!. Haha to end off, if you are looking for a UX/UI position in Johannesburg please do reach out to me on Linkedin etc and you never know, maybe you will be joining us next year at this time!

Happy researching Uxers, bye for now

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