Day#315: How to change your behavior for the better

Day#315: How to change your behavior for the better

I recently watched a video on “How to change your behaviour for the better” and it was really an interesting topic. The talk was done by Dan Ariely, he starts the talk explaining his appearance which he does so nonchalantly and to the point. I’m sure it must have been difficult when he was younger but he seems to have come to terms with it. I think about some projects that I have worked on where teams and product owners have a goal of changing human behaviour and not understanding it. From my perspective I have some knowledge on methods for changing behaviour, but I think it should always be approached with caution, just because reciprocity works as a human behaviour characteristic does not mean taking advantage of it to secure product loyalty is the solution. 

Dan Ariely discusses how they ran sessions wanting people to save more, and through using different testing methods found that manipulating the behaviour works better when people received the message that was ended with regards from their child’s name. This obviously evoked emotions for the parent to want to save for their child’s future and their own. By using a tactic like this it showed how certain methods don’t work and others do. I always found these social studies experiments so fascinating, and now I get to work on creating environments like this for conducting research sessions. Not every session is as exciting as the example used in the video, some are run of the mill usability testing. However all the projects that I generally work on have elements that I can conduct interesting testing scenarios with participants. 

I think what I learned most from this talk was how sometimes the thing you think will work is so far from what actually works. That’s often why hypotheses are so important to state off the bat, it almost feels a little abstract for me. I tend to think about things a lot if I don’t write them down, and by having my hypotheses down on paper I know okay they are safe here, I can move on with my research now haha. Anyway that’s all from me today, please go watch the talk. It is an amazing one, and very interesting for me that is in fintech. Happy researching!

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