Day#318: Optical Illusions – 100 things every designer should know

Day#318: Optical Illusions – 100 things every designer should know

Hey Researchers and Designers for today I decided to discuss the book I am reading again I have barely got past the first 10 pages and I am already doing another post on some interesting topics mentioned. Have you ever noticed something like a picture frame being tilted and upon testing it you found it was actually not sque. Or what about taking a route to work and one seems longer than the other but when you actually look on Google Maps it is the same distance. How does this happen, and why do our minds trick us like this?

Well to start, it’s not your mind actively playing tricks on you, when it comes to the route distance example, turns, traffic and robots can affect your view of the length of time each route takes. Oh wait I’m South African so yes I call them Robots and not traffic lights haha! When the real robots take over us Saffa’s are going to have some problems haha! 

Visually there is an example most people know from a lot of these optical illusion activities, it is the one with the two lines and one has two sets of lines pointing inward towards the triangle and the other line has two lines on either end pointing outwards. That explanation sounds confusing, I mean I read it and it was a little confusing as always I love learning with videos so check out the video below on the optical illusion with lines created by  Franz Müller-Lyer in 1889. 

Now that you have watched the video hopefully it makes more sense, as a designer consistency and alignment were always important. I got really good at picking up on issues with spacing etc. However on the off occasion I would have my digital rulers and other measuring tools out and be remeasuring and remeasuring the same thing because to my eye it looked unbalanced or spaced incorrectly etc. I had to force myself to stop stressing over it because it was just “my eye” playing tricks on me. I hope you enjoyed this post, as always I try to keep my posts short to factor in the main goal of the post. If you ever think of anything interesting please feel free to comment down below on topics you would like me to investigate more. Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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