Day#321: Self Esteem, Gratification and Addiction – Simon Sinek

Day#321: Self Esteem, Gratification and Addiction – Simon Sinek

Hey fellow researchers and designers, I am actually writing a lot over the past few days. Well I know exactly why I have become super busy with work over the past few months and really slacked with some of my personal goals and projects. I want to make a list of goals for 2020, but something I really want to focus on is making sure that I stick to my personal goals. I often get extremely consumed with which is still amazing I might add because I absolutely love my job, but I still have so many ideas for advancing research in the South African context and don’t want to let those slide over time. 

For today I wanted to chat about a recent video I watched where Simon Sinek is discussing gratification, self esteem and addiction. He discusses the disadvantages of being on ones device too much and how it slows productivity. This for me is true I notice myself getting distracted by my phone and with it being on silent I tend to check it more. I think for 2020 I am going to make my mornings even more productive by not looking at my phone till 1pm. Something I don’t like though is the forceful structure of completely stopping kids from using their phones. This feels to me like the whole drama around gaming where parents feel their kids become satanists because they played Diablo over the school holidays pffft! As a gamer that prides myself on head shots in Counter Strike a competitive First Person Shooter Game. I have never had any urges to kill anybody, in fact my gaming in the evenings is a stress relief. I think a phone is just a phone and it depends how it is used. It is the parents responsibility to teach their children that they can watch spend countless hours on Instagram or Countless hours doing online courses through their phones that helps them understand the world better. The in-between would be some puppy videos, and some learning for me haha! I think the whole thing of put the phone down and go outside is sometimes boring, as an introvert having a phone that I can peek into the entire world on without actually having to do anything is amazing for me. I would have just read books as a kid, and this would have been no different if I was a child now, I would simply read online and carry on being inside. Really not sure what all the hatred of being inside is about..

The other points in the video are great though and maybe I have been a little hard I actually like a lot of the content Simon Sinek discusses. The topic of self esteem and how parents raised their kids to think they were special, and then when they enter the working world they become restless because they don’t have that feeling. He also speaks about making a difference and how millennials want to move from job to job because they are not making enough of a difference. For me the topic of the growing up feeling special was not so true. I mean my parents did the basics and we went to a good schools etc. I think when I talk about this people find it odd because it was so normal for them to feel that specialness growing up. I don’t think I felt special or unique, maybe that’s why in a lot of ways I don’t really associate with the typical millennial archetype. The concept of moving job to job was a real thing for me, in retrospect I moved because I constantly felt unhappy and not really enjoying my job. This was when I was in design though, and the work was just not stimulating for me on the level that I needed it to be. As a researcher doing the work I enjoy, I really don’t see myself moving from Nedbank anytime soon unless we decide to move over seas… All in all an interesting video and I am glad that I found Simon Sinek a while back, until next time. Happy Researching!

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