Day#323: Chromostereopsis?

Day#323: Chromostereopsis?

Hey Researchers and Designers as 2019 comes to an end, I am really spending some time catching up on research and learning. I stumbled across this really interesting topic called Chromostereopsis. If you don’t know already I actually started out in the design industry years ago, I initially studied design because I was creative and didn’t really know what else to do to be honest. I came from a home where my parents had very little internet, so was not really exposed to the world of exploring the net. With that in mind there were only a few careers I knew about, going into design I thoroughly enjoyed learning it in college but felt that same zest I had for learning was diminished when it came to the working world. Design was all about producing fast quick results and not really as much mental work as i thought it would entail. I’m sure tons of designers will be offended by this, but really this type of work was just not for me. 

Reading about this topic of Chromostereopsis had all those memories come back to me. I don’t feel a lot of these high level methodologies are common knowledge in the industry. I mean the practise is common knowledge but not this word, I never heard anyone mention Chromostereopsis. Another variable could be that I was not interacting with designers that would know this phrase, fine fair enough.. Anyway, what the heck does Chromostereopsis mean??? Haha! I give you an amazing video that explains it simply..

Every designer knows this, and I think with the untrained eye of someone that is trying to design this and alignment are some of the biggest mistakes made. I hope you enjoyed reading this slight rant on my experience as a designer, please don’t see it as me thinking I am better than designers, I think there will be lots of UX Researchers out there that find this industry not for them and it’s totally normal we are all on the hunt for that thing that brings us joy, and don’t let other people’s judgment or your own fears control your actions. This post was supposed to be on Chromostereopsis but somehow it turned into something else, that’s okay though haha! Anyway happy researching Uxers!

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