Day#328: Goals for 2020

Day#328: Goals for 2020

Good morning Researchers and Designers, today I have decided to discuss my goals for 2020, its just before 5AM in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am writing this in advance so it’s actually the 27th of December but hey you don’t mind! I don’t even have work, so why am I up this early? The mosquitoes, those little demons kept me up all night, and I just could take it anymore. 

So how does it work setting goals, well for starters I think changing one’s environment with initial change is good. So for example I have started doing a little bit of exercise now while I am on holiday as opposed to doing it on my first day back. Everything will probably be a slight rash on the first day back so I want to get in the habit of training before that at least. I have some really structured goals for 2020, that I will actively work on often. Then there are some goals that I am working on in the background and will not give as much time to. I don’t think you should only set your goals around this time of your, if you discover a new passion or think of something to add to your own personal list then don’t feel confined to the “2020 Plan” and think that it needs to go in some mystery box for if you have time. I have broken up my goals into 3 main parts and will discuss in more detail within each category.


This is always my favourite category and one that I push all the time. Yes you can do full degrees through recognized institutions but I have found some really wonderful short course platforms which still have credibility and are well known. My goal is to do 1 course per month and I generally have been doing a lot of courses through The Interaction Design Foundation. I will probably do as many more possible by the end of 2020, and then look at another platform. I have not found another platform that offers this many courses for the one set fee yet, so do check them out irrespective of your experience level. With my link provided you can get three months off your membership. I have also signed up for a course through a University in Finland to learn about AI, when I told my husband about it he was surprised thinking it involved coding. Lol this is because he knows how much I hate the coding side, this particular course is more focused on understanding AI and how it can change our world etc. In general, even if you don’t have the money to buy an online course or membership to Interaction Design Foundation, do yourself and the UX industry a favour by reading. You can read articles on Medium till your free membership runs out, and read other free blogs and watch Youtube. I’ve met a lot of people over the years that are expecting to learn from other people in person, or are not putting in as much effort to better their overall value in the UX space. Don’t become someone who just has the title of a Uxer, put in the effort and you will reap the rewards. 


This is something else that I want to work on in 2020, I have put together a list of books and will do another detailed post on that at some point. The reason for me wanting to work on this, is I think you can always better you ability to interact with other people. Thinking that you are just born one way and that people need to accept you for how you are is menial and immature in my opinion. You can constantly better yourself and learn from how others interact. My main reason is that I would like to be a leader one day and I want to be skilled in understanding what makes a good leader. I also think that even if you don’t have goals of being a leader, it is great to run an assessment on your behaviour and actions. A lot of the time we are so caught up in doing the right thing or dealing with things in the moment that we don’t think about how we can improve aftwards. In the industry I am in we are constantly trying to break apart things, with curiosity and the need to fix experiences for users, I think it would be good to start analysing my own performance. I will share two books that I do want to read, one being never split the difference by Chris Voss this was actually a book a friend recently suggested and it has been on my mind ever since. And I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse by Michael Francheze. Chris Voss was a negotiator in hostage situations and Michael Francheze was a made man in the Mafia who was making an illegal 8million per week at the height of his career. Yes you may be thinking these are odd books for someone to want to read, why am I not reading about some tech genius, a famous Researcher. Well I probably will at some point, but for now this is the book I want to read to potentially give me some insights into relationships and people. 

Saving and investing

Okay so the other two have been pretty much related to UX, and Research tying in with my career and growth. However this one will inadvertently affect my career. So I have decided to focus on growing my savings with specific goals on the amounts I want to add to the account on a monthly basis. I have got an increase for 2020, which allows for me to do this comfortably without really changing our lifestyles. My husband already saves a lot for our future by doing our tax free investments and other investments but I want to start handling some on my own. By handling some I mean open completely new accounts, and have it as my responsibility that they are running smoothly. I want to invest in the local as well as the American top 500 companies, and try to start understanding this game more. I am surrounded by people in my family that will never be able to fully retire, let alone be self sufficient on their life’s earnings. Whether that is low income or poor choices, I still see that as bad planning. Yes a lot of unexpected things can happen in life, but we are already planning for your retirement with multiple investments and accounts to safeguard our future. I hope you will do the same, my husband and I actually thought of starting a local Youtube channel for South Africans on saving and investing but we really have too much on our plates right now to be doing that. 

I hope this has been helpful sharing some of my goals, I have not even added my personal project related goals. I have an idea that I am hoping to run with soon, will share when I have more info. Happy researching until next time Uxers 

Bye for now

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