Day#340: Hidden Brain Review

Day#340: Hidden Brain Review

Hey Researchers today I wanted to take the time to put some highlight on one of the most amazing podcasts I have ever listened to. The name of that podcast is you guessed it Hidden Brain, the host is Shankar Vedantam a journalist whose curiosity and interest in the social sciences is so evident from all the interviews he conducted. I found this video below where Shankar is giving a speech at a conference on big data. Take a look at his style of speaking and obviously pay attention to the content. If you like the below, you are absolutely going to love Hidden Brain. 

Now that you have watched the video, if you are not 100% familiar with where to find Hidden Brain you can go to your significant phone devices play store and then type in Hidden Brain. You can also find Hidden Brain on Stitcher a podcast platform that houses many other amazing podcasts. So many amazing episodes comes to mind when I think of Hidden Brain so it’s difficult to say I recommend one as the best, each episode has an amazing interviewee which has done research into the topic that that episode is based on. Topics range from corporate, to leadership and habits. There was even an episode on tunnel vision and the show had two people discuss their own stories of tunnel vision and how they felt immersed in the behaviour model being discussed. 

Something that slightly annoys me is the amount of replays, I feel for a podcast having a replay is unnesssessary if I want to listen to an episode again I simply go back and listen to previous episodes. They do mention that they do as they need more time to conduct research and prepare the best content for future newer episodes. I have never listened to an episode that lacked Hidden Brain not mentioning or turning over all the stones, occasionally if I do feel that way they sometimes bring it up at the end so I am always satisfied with the content once the episode has ended. I would highly recommend Hidden Brain if you would like to gain more knowledge in social psychology space which I think a lot of Users need to do. I am not sure if this is a recurrent thing internationally in the industry but I notice a lot of Uxers knowing is the methodologies somewhat but not having a deep curiosity in psychology. The psychology side is quintessential in understanding human behaviour and I often see patterns and biases forming within teams themselves and I think being aware of these human paradoxes and behaviour models will help Users understand the work we do better. I don’t think people are as unpredictable as some people like to think, we are not that unique and studies like the Asch Conformity study prove models like that over and over again.

What I do think is necessary is conducting the social psychology experiments within the African context. Culture can really change findings, anyway I have gone off on a tangent slightly. Go watch Hidden Brain, and thank me later. Until next time, happy researching!

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