Day#343: Reaching balance in Gaming

Day#343: Reaching balance in Gaming

Hey Researchers today I want to talk about something that really interests me and that is gaming I have discussed gaming in the past, and as my writing skills have become better I have revised my posts and written more on various topics within the gaming space. I found a really compelling Youtube video, and I will certainly share below. I have also subscribed to the channel, who will probably share a few more interesting things I learn along the way. Within the gaming space something that is really important is balance and when I talk about balance that is the balance of the ecosystem, the players and the various skills you can do, gain and have in the gaming environment. For example as I have mentioned before I am a First person shooter fan, and my favourite game is Counter Strike within the Counter Strike space balance would come from the map and various ways to defend and penetrate a map. The guns are all variables that can create or break the balance in a game, the game has many guns, and each gun has different abilities so to speak. Take a look at the video below to get a more general explanation of the concept of balance in gaming.

Now that you have watched the video think about some of the other terms mentioned, trade offs for one is an important point to consider and is basically is that when you do x you are forfeiting on y. Over loading a character/tool with abilities can leave players confused or increase cognitive load for new players. This is where game creators consider their options very carefully. The next is nerfing and buffing, terms commonly used in the gaming space amongst gamers and creators like. Nerfing is when a character is reduced in power, and buffing is when it is increased. The psychology behind these actions are so strong, and I myself have noticed gamers following gaming companies on their goals and ideas for change. I think the gaming UX space is very intriguing, and tackles many social psychology issues on a regular basis. You have to have a game that is both entertaining and stimulating, but not too difficult at first or you may have a high drop off rate. When I think of games that are difficult like that I think of games like StarCraft even the campaign is a nightmare to get used to for me having played majority first person shooter games.

We have already recorded a few introductory episodes for our podcast, one of them is on gaming once we have finalised the raw footage and uploaded I really hope you will check it out. I chat about the game play and the culture within the game as well. That is always interesting to learn how each game has its own culture, for example Counter Strike has a very competitive nature, so if you can’t keep up you are probably going to get annihilated by your team.  Before I end off I watched this other video by the same Youtuber, check it out below.

The video above discusses how games can use language, body language and visuals to establish relationships etc. I’m feeling inspired to perhaps do a similar channel to this about UX in gaming and perhaps running through games and the experience from a UX Researchers perspective. Until next time, happy researching!

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