Day#344: The 4 Tendencies

Day#344: The 4 Tendencies

Hey Researchers today I want to chat about something I came across looking at content for my financial health. Apart from research, UX and behavioural psychology one of my newer interests in financial well being. I am committed to the FIRE movement which sounds odd even whilst typing it. It basically means financially independent retire early. For me financial independence is crucial, coming from a family that generally struggled with finances most of the time, it’s so important to me to be financially stable and not have to stress about money now or into my old age. A channel I often follow is the Financial Diet, it is a channel where the host Chelsea discusses financial tips and lately they have started doing an interesting interview style which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Check out the video below, it is a long one, so below I will be briefly highlighting interesting points if you won’t be able to watch it through. 

So basically Gretchen Rubin has come up with 4 tendencies of behaviour modeled into categories and she has written a book on the model as well. I am not 100% clear on the research done on this, but I can tell you that I took the test and wow was it pretty accurate. So I am a questioner and thought I would include an insert from the breakdown of “The Questioner”

Because Questioners want to make well-considered decisions and come to their own conclusions, they tend to be intellectually engaged, and they’re often willing to do exhaustive research… When making a request of a Questionnaire, be sure to include plenty of justification. “We need to get the car inspected by the end of next week. Otherwise we could get hit with a big fine or risk a breakdown during our upcoming road trip.” Arguments such as “Everyone has to do this,” “You said you’d do this,” or “Because I say so,” or “I’m the doctor” aren’t compelling to a Questioner.

I laughed at how similar this was to me, as a child I constantly wanted to understand things on a deeper level and didn’t take doctors or parents to heart much when they would make bold make statements like the above. I found a talk done by Gretchen Rubin where she discusses the four tendencies in more detail, so check out the video below if you are interested. 

If this is your first time on my blog then just a quick refresh I have tried many MANY industries, all in a quest to find what I truly enjoyed. I was even teased about it occasionally that I lacked the drive to stick to something, deep down I was searching for something that fits my personality and my inner self. Fast forward to today, and I feel like being a researcher is 100% what I love doing, it is the career that wakes me up everyday with a passion and curiosity for how to solve the questions and problems.

This 4 tendencies category made me laugh as I said earlier because it’s these same attributes like questioning something to make sure I understand it that makes me a good researcher. It may seem boastful, but I do think I am a great researcher, ask me about my years as a designer and I will openly say I am to this day mediocre after all that time. My final project in college was even labelled mediocre haha! To end off I find personality categorizations and quizzes very interesting. I mean I probably won’t be taking any quizzes to find out what star sign my dog will be, but I do see merit in the more research backed ones. I am going to try to find the audiobook for the four tendencies and will come back once I have read it. Until next time happy researching. Bye for now!

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