Day#354: Dream big with your professional goals

Day#354: Dream big with your professional goals

Hey Researchers I am still running on a pancake high, I had the most amazing pancakes with coffee ice cream yesterday I had been dreaming about trying them all week. Who says Facebook’s algorithm is nosey, mine recommedned me this page and boy were they so right I loved the restaurant haha. Anyway, unlike my more whimsical food goals for the start of 2020, today I wanted to discuss professional goals and the importance of setting them in 2020. 

I discuss goals a lot on the blog, and the reason is because I am extremely goal orientated. Goals help keep you in check when you are going astray, as well as help you make decisions. For example you may be on the job market, applying for new roles, and get an offer for a role. Assessing whether this role falls within your career trajectory will help you decide logically on the opportunity. Check out the video by Mel Robbins discussing putting down your dreams on paper. In the video she discusses doing this for your life in general, which I also think is a valuable activity, however since this blog is mainly about career growth, ux and research I want to focus on that for this post. 

In Mel’s video she discusses how you should write down your dreams on a regular basis, saying them out loud will help release the shame that is sometimes associated with setting goals. We may believe others will laugh at our goals, or simply think they are unreachable. There is a lot on the actions to take socially when setting goals, some people will say tell everyone that way you now have to stick to those goals because people know, and others say to keep silent and not let others beliefs stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. It will take some time but I also think it is not a 100% to one side answer, it also depends on the people in your life. I would tell my goals to certain people, but not others. My career goals for 2020, are too build more experience and always keep learning. As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love Interaction Design Foundation and constantly do courses through them. I am also thinking about doing a Statistics for Research and Design course through Wits this year. Apart from that I am going to be working on putting up the Podcast that I am working on with a close friend. And will be writing more articles but on different platforms. I want to write articles on Linkedin directly moving forward as well as consider writing on Medium. In between all of this I have two other personal projects that I will be working on every now and again, the point is I already planned for this from last year. Knowing that my blog was coming to an end, I planned for the next project that would work towards sharing more dialogues in the research and ux space. Once the project finishes it is very easy to simply take on a less productive activity, that’s why I had lined up the next project already slowly building steam in the background to take on more momentum once I was done with the blog. 

I think it really depends on what your goals are, and of course what you enjoy. If you enjoy writing or want to improve your writing then write. If you like teaching a course, I am actually toying with the idea of doing a Udemy course and will see how the year goes maybe I will. Something else that I like from noting down your dreams is you start to see patterns. Mel Robbins notes that you should take note of those things you see often, understand them and know how to achieve them. Happy researching until next time 

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