Day#355: The two day rule

Day#355: The two day rule

Hey Researchers today I want to talk about “The Two Day Rule” I found this topic on Mat D’Avella’s Youtube Channel. I started watching the channel when I first found the concept of minimalism, growing up minimalism was not a thing. I don’t know if this is in all Asian cultures but mine it was about elaborate decorated everything haha! I never liked the clutter and now that I have my own home, it’s pretty bare. I spend money on the things that are necessity or that really move my life forward. Matt’s channel is about minimalism and self improvement in general, this video in particular that I have shared below is on “The Two Day Rule”. Check out the video below, and then let’s chat more.

I think from someone who always loves understanding the psychology behind behavior Matt D’Avella tackles something very interesting he discusses how when you are a child rules are used to keep you from doing things in a child’s mind. Parenting generally uses operant conditioning to form habits in the child, you can check out the term and examples over here.

If you set goals for 2020, and find that you often struggle with keeping to a goal then maybe try the above. I think there are a few ways goals fail from being achieved. We either set extremely high goals and then start to feel like they are completely out of reach once the high wears off. Or you can simply keep pushing the goal to the back of your mind thinking you have more time, at the start of the year it can feel like so many weeks and months before you have to deal with the thought of not accomplishing your goals. But rather than setting such long term goals, set short term goals if you know this is something that you struggle with. I tend to set a daily plan for myself both professionally and in my personal life. When I get home I have dinner, and make time to write for an hour and learn for an hour. Then I watch about half an hour of TV and also play a 40 minute game. That for me is the sweet spot of getting an evening of fun mixed in self improvement. Yes I could remove the game from my evening, but I enjoy it and so I will carry on doing it. Don’t sacrifice on what you love, even consider doing a project on the thing you love if you can. Happy researching until next time! 

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