Day#365: 365 Days of UX done!

Day#365: 365 Days of UX done!

Hey researchers, I almost can’t believe that I am finally done. When I started this blog I had done one or two other blogs before this on other personal interests of mine. I had never written to this event though, I remember as a child enjoying writing though. I even wrote short stories for competitions, and enjoyed reading of course. That for me was what drove me to writing, I was so passionate about reading as a young adult, and loved being wrapped in a world that was suspenseful and picturesque in the explanations. Probably escapism now when I think of it, anyway I set the goal initially not thinking really how much I would learn from this experience. I think that my writing has improved drastically, but something else happened which I am so happy about, I have grown comfortable with my own opinions and thoughts on a topic. 

Initially I would site so many articles and only discuss the opinions of others, I felt nervous to cite my own opinions being worried about silly things. Now I am bold and confident about how I express myself with my writing, and in person. Oh don’t get me wrong this is not to say that my journey is done. I still have so much to learn and experience, both professionally and privately. I have so much to learn, and sometimes feel like I just never have enough time. I mean I know everyone says that but I push myself to ensure that I atleast achieve one professional and personal goal daily. I never expected people to read my blog, I mean it was up publicly but I never anticipated people commenting and responding to private messages on linkedin saying how they learned something, and enjoyed reading my blog. For me that was so amazing! When I set out to do this blog, I wanted something that would explain a lot of the things I learned to others in a simple way, I also wanted somewhere that I could look at and track my progress. 

Over this time I have realised I am more of a specialist than a generalist, and that I enjoy learning about self improvement and have focused on time management techniques when I found I was slacking. I wanted this blog to not just share the common things that I was finding in UX, like details on wireframes and how to do the basics. I wanted people to see the depth of psychology that goes into UX, and understand human behaviour. I am glad to be done with this, because I already have two personal projects begging for my attention. This is not to say that my love for UX is dwindling in fact it has grown however I want to do a project on a specialized approach.. Okay not going to share too much now, I will certainly share it on my Linkedin so be sure to follow me there 🙂 I am also working on a podcast on research where we will be bringing in researchers from a variety of fields and talking about the value of research, why we research etc. I hope you will also have a listen to that, we actually recently recorded an episode on my experience in gaming and the dynamics of games, so looking forward to uploading that. This is not the end for me, I am excited to have shared 365 days of UX with you, and looking forward to helping and moving this industry forward more in 2020. Until we meet again, happy researching!

Bye for now

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