Day #1: UX for the elderly

Day #1: UX for the elderly

I started this blog today to go through my process of learning UX. I have experience in design of various categories but I came across UX from a friend and decided I would look into it. I decided to challenge myself to a 365 day challenge of posting one small bit of knowledge; a link or an article followed and in turn something small learned through it. I am working on a business which needed me to ramp up my skills and get up to speed with any trends I have missed out on whilst being under my shell of a cushy full time design position. Without any more waffling here is the first article I found interesting: UX for the elderly article

I read this article which I found extremely interesting and well written. The author talks about how design needs to factor in the age group, often as a designer in our effort to make things look edgy and new we tend to forget that to someone who has not grown up with technology it will be a difficult experience. The author also speaks about neuroplasticity something that has interested me for a long time in relation to how the brains ability to grasp things is related to the exposure it has to certain activities. I had an example in my own head whilst reading through this article, something as simple as a burger icon would completely baffle my grandmother, I have also noticed a lot of the similarities the author mentions. That fear of breaking something that stems from older devices actually having that issue where the user could completely ruin something with one wrong action, I have noticed my own relatives feel very nervous about exploring. Whereas I have a very different approach I click everywhere and everything to figure out the application I may be using, I also find if something is off I tend to blame the design and not blame myself for not figuring it out.

The above in my personal opinion stems from experience with many applications and interfaces, as well as my experience as a designer. With little experience it would only be natural to focus the blame internally which is what I see the older generation often do. I certainly recommend this article as I have only touched on a few points that stood out for me, but the article itself has so much more to offer! Give it a read!

Bye for now!

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  1. Very nice article. It seems considering this can be critical if your market has more non-tech savvy users. Do you think this would apply to younger people who were not brought up with tech or very little of it? and what is the approximate age range of these “elderly”?

    1. Hi! thanks for commenting, yes actually my current job we are faced with a large target market of youth that are in this same category technically. They grew up without basic tech devices so they struggle with icons and general ques that most of us know from experience with the digital world… Not sure on the actual age range but I think it can be 50 and up dependent on their interactions and frequency with devices and the internet. Cheers!

  2. Hi. I am 50 and above and yes I started off by being very apprehensive and nervous but with the help of younger relatives and colleagues I have found that I am less fearful of exploring in the world of apps etc

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