Day #2: Online learning platforms

Day #2: Online learning platforms

Today I am bringing up more of a concept as well as actual links, growing up I didn’t have internet. My family preferred spending money on other things rather than a good old dial up modem haha! Hence why I wouldn’t say I directly fall in the millennial group which had access to tech and gadgets very readily. When I was older and working I got myself a Wi-Fi router and paid for my own data which was honestly the best thing ever.

In relation to the concept I wanted to bring up, its that you can learn anything with the internet if you have the patience and dedication to learn. I have had many interests over the years and now it will be learning UX. Yes there are people who have degrees and masters in user psychology but I will attempt to learn from the vast resource of the internet. There are a number of online short course platforms that I may think about during my 365 days to UX, but for now I will be going through some “mini courses”. You can find courses on the following platforms, there are even some that are free, however the paid for ones are rather cheap also. Yes it does take sifting and you may only get a grain of information per course or you may be lucky and gain a lot of knowledge you will just have to look around

  • Corsera
    • I have personally done a few psychology courses through this platform and have enjoyed them and found them very much value for money
  • Udemy
    • I have also done a few courses through this platform, this platform is not very stable though I will often have issues with loading of content when my internet speed is fine. I think it may be on their side.
    • This is one of those sites that has a lot of courses so take a look at reviews, intro vids if they have and enjoy!
  • Springboard

I’m currently going through the videos on springboard will report back tomorrow if I find anything of value on there

Bye for now!

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