Day #3: Learning a method

Day #3: Learning a method

I picked this method up from a video from Springboard on fundamentals on UX

Time mentioned: 16:43

This is something that we are currently looking at with our start up as well, we often come up with tons of amazing ideas. However we have to access the importance of the action being done right off the bat or if it goes into a “deal with later” box.

Moscow basically spells out

Must: To identify what needs to be done in (if we have time, next priority down)

Should: To identify what should be done (meaning what should be done, if you have time)

Could: To identify what could be done (the icing on the cake, will not be noticed if not done)

Would: To identify what needs to be done in the future (the project must be able to survive without it from the get go)

This really helps because often we both get caught up in research and planning and sometimes need to real ourselves in for certain facets of the business that can be dealt with at a later point. Simple and effective, I suggest looking into it as a principle no matter the field you are in. There was a lot of other interesting content in this video on mind mapping and workflow, I suggest checking it out for some info and ideas.

Bye for now!

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    1. One of my earlier articles, working on content with more references and resource material, but thank you for taking the time to give it a read 🙂

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