Day #6: How to become a successful entry level UX designer

Day #6: How to become a successful entry level UX designer

Now my goal is to one day be more on the research spectrum hence why I am looking into more of the technical side of UX, enjoy the read!

The article on “how to become a successful entry level UX designer” had some interesting content on “Qualities you should possess”

  • Passion for work
    • Passion for making life easier
      • My interpretation of this is to identify ways in which something is not working and try and conceptualize ways to overcome this. Personally this is not a trait most companies like, as I have noticed from my own past experience. It often gets a lot of negative feedback when one has a mind-set like this is a big structured organisation that is almost stuck in thinking that is the only way they can do or present their product/service. This is why I love this trait because I can utilize something that is a core skill I possess in my career to better the over all product, and finally be valued for this skill…
    • Analyse needs of the user and observe patterns
      • I tend to be very observant when it comes to people, which has also got me in hot water on a number of occasions. People don’t always want brutal honesty about their actions it seems haha! Nevertheless in relation to UX I have found in my current position, such valuable information that can be captured about a user and campaigns etc.
    • Innovation, vision and creativity
      • Here a risk taker type of personality is outlined, this made me a little weary because I’m not really one for big risks. I’m more of the calculated lots of research and then make a decision after milling over it for half a century type of person. I think its not a bad thing to research though and I am fine with taking a risk when it has been well researched
    • Know new things
      • Here I liked that research came up again
    • Understand the need for change
      • Wow does this resonate, I worked at two companies that literally had no concept of what change meant and how it would better their company, but what do you know you are just a designer was their mentality. Well all my great ideas will go into my own product now or in days to come

There is a few other points which helps one break down how to apply and how to understand different types of companies that you may be faced with applying to one day. All in all a good read, and will certainly be looking through those tools more closely in times to come

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