Day #7: Why some designers are more valuable than others

Day #7: Why some designers are more valuable than others

What stood out for me first in this YouTube video was Chris Do bringing up “your value is determined by the type of questions you ask”

Questions are split into (note I changed the word from value to level because it just sounded better.)

  • Low-level questions
    • What does it look like
    • When is it due
    • Who is the target market
    • What is the budget
  • Mid-level questions
    • How did you come up with the idea
    • Describe the project
    • How will you judge the projects successfulness
  • High-level questions
    • Why is it important
    • Why do you believe this to be true
    • Beyond money why does this business exist

From my experience working at agencies they don’t really care for anything above low level questions from general designers. I have worked at agencies that resemble something of a factory line churning out designs, so to them those deeper questions don’t display value but rather a nuisance in the work flow. I think traits like mid to high level are more for freelancers and senior staff like art directors and people managing large projects so that they can conceptualize, and delegate work to the relevant employees. Anyway still informative in terms of the types of questions to ask if you would like to get deeper more meaningful answers about projects


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