Day #10: UI/UX design process, part 2

Day #10: UI/UX design process, part 2

Hi everyone! This is a part 2 of the video, I really loved the way Design gal broke down this process and wanted to note down as much of it as possible so enjoy the read!

  • Wire framing
    • Rough sketches, do not go all out and include branding or colour palettes etc
    • Examples of tools
      • Balsamique
      • Sketch
      • Illustrator
    • An interactive wireframe is called a prototype
    • User testing of the prototype can be done here
  • Hand over to UI or visual design
    • Colour palettes
    • Typography styles
    • Buttons styles and element styles that will be repeated throughout the product
    • At this point possibly consider a mood board/style guide
  • High fidelity mock up
    • This is the final product, no questions of what the final will resemble
    • Tools mentioned:
      • Invision
      • Zeplin
    • One has to work with developers on this step and communicate on details of the project
  • Testing/ Quality assurance
    • Job is to break the product as best they can, to find flaws that need to be fixed
    • Bug testing
  • Product launch
  • Even though the product is launched continue to test, refine and iterate the product even after it has gone live

Normally I will highlight a few points in a video that stood out for me but this entire video was amazing and packed with useful content, I really do recommend watching the video. Especially if you find you are being met with this question a lot, I know that I will now also be more prepared when tackling a project and it has even given me a number of ideas to improve my overall work flow

Bye for now!

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