Day #11: Do I need a college degree to be a UI/UX designer?

Day #11: Do I need a college degree to be a UI/UX designer?

This is a very short video, which motivated me a lot, since I was looking at job specs today and felt somewhat demotivated, because most of them were stating they wanted people with master in psychology and degrees in design…sigh!

The video outlines the following

  • Companies are open to self-taught employees in this industry
    • As long as you can prove you know and understand the job and the process to do the job
  • There are not a lot of institutions offering this course
    • Since this video was released in 2018 I am guessing that statement is up to date, I completely agree. Yes there are short courses where I am. That I could possibly even take online but not many full degrees in understanding user experience. Or as far as I know this will take more research to be 100% certain.
    • All I know is when I search online I always come up with short courses

Oh wow! midway whilst getting this post ready, I found this site with all these UX and design based courses, some are even free and others aren’t too badly priced. I even found a free course by Don Norman! Will be doing a post on him soon, he did a wonderful ted talk and also has a few amazing books out. Think I will be doing this course, I would have paid for it as well so intrigued to see what it has to offer especially since its free haha I mean who doesn’t love a free course.

All in all this is exactly what I needed to keep me motivated on my path…

Bye for now!

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