Day #14: User centered design, Don Norman

Day #14: User centered design, Don Norman

So I watched this short video with Don Norman talking about user centered design. It was interesting to learn how the user experience process came about from an engineering perspective. I was at the mall having lunch yesterday and I thought about when I was younger I always loved the shopper psychology subject. When I learned that retailers choose specific spots for certain items and draw the eye to certain displays in a very purposeful way was intriguing.

The theory that suppliers would pay for real estate in on prime shelves and eye level displays was a direct relation to the capitalist society we live in and how everything carefully orchestrated behind the scenes. I think that UX design and psychology is the evolution of this theory for walk in customers. The best part is through heat mapping technologies and other digital analysis tools data can be collected on the users.

Anyway back to Don Norman he speaks about how designers and fellow Uxers are sometimes missing the point nowadays with being overly concerned with other reasons or details about the project instead of focusing on the user experience and what is important to the user, really profound and important to always bring back the concept to the user. Until next time

Bye for now!

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