Day #15: Basic primer on User Experience (part 1)

Day #15: Basic primer on User Experience (part 1)

This article started in very much of a story format, I enjoyed the style which was both humorous and compelling. I used to find myself in situations where designs would be based on subjective decisions which completely infuriated me! I liked the idea of being able to prove what I was doing was correct and with subjective based decisions on design one cannot do that. This is why I am turning to more of the logical, research-based side of the digital arena, where focusing ones efforts on collected data formulates a path for success.

The article speaks about putting the user first before any change, and below is the short process one can follow for unpacking this step by step

  • Finding the problems
  • Fixing the problems
  • Propagating the fixes

Terms and statements that stood out for me

  • The best UX design comes from the user’s perspective
  • Something that I found interesting was describing a user’s journey and common actions that they use
  • One of those was that a user scans the page for “visual cues” that make the page relevant. I completely agree with this! I do this all the time, not wanting to waste my time on a site. I personally think this generally relates to the vast amount of options we have as users because had it been a single site that provided that service or product the user would have stayed longer.
  • I often find myself doing this as I have some lifestyle decisions which are not very common and when I find businesses providing for that need I tend to be less picky over the layout on the site etc because of my desperate need for the product/service
  • Something to keep in mind is the more assets/choices/options you add on the page, the more complicated it will be for the user to find what they are looking for.

All extremely valid points to keep in mind when creating a user experience, I will be discussing more of this article in the next post.

Bye for now!

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