Day #17: Basic primer on User Experience: Major indicators of UX bottlenecks (part 3)

Day #17: Basic primer on User Experience: Major indicators of UX bottlenecks (part 3)

Yes you guessed it there is a part 3 to this amazing article, in this section I will discuss some terms used to categorize user activity

Bounce rates

  • A bounce rate basically means when a user comes to your site but then abandons fast.
  • For me personally this happens when I don’t see what I want but how do I come to that conclusion so fast is what I aim to understand
  • Firstly “a good bounce rate is in the 30% range. Bad bounce rates are in the 80% range”
  • What would then need to be assessed is the search visibility of the page and as the article indicates a high bounce rate is the result of asking too much of your users
  • A solution for this as the article states is indicating above the fold the core of what the user would want to see


Low engagement rates

  • The article indicates it is “fuzzy” which I portray as abstract, it then states that bounced users do not equal engagement
  • Read + scroll + click = engagement
  • Reading cannot be easily measure
  • Copy can not be done the same way for print as is with digital, the article speaks about print readers not being interrupted where as digital readers need very too the point material.
  • The term used is snackable text
  • Scrolling can be monitored by heat mapping software
  • In relation to those two the article mentions that you can then relate reading and scrolling with time in between scrolling


Conversion rates

  • The article talks about the methods in which marketers go to have information on sign ups and people converted
  • I understood it as follows
  • Effort and time (must) = Rewards for handing over their information etc
  • Ways to optimize conversations can be done by testing different assets


The article talks about a few other topics and a lot of content is explained in way more detail than what I have done above, give it a read if you have some time as it is lengthy but certainly worth the time in gaining some knowledge on the various topics mentioned.

Bye for now!

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