Day #20: The UX portfolio

Day #20: The UX portfolio

So, I finally started doing some research into UX based portfolios, the article speaks about the following

Tailor your UX portfolio

Have at least 3 projects in your entire portfolio

This for me is interesting and rather different to a design portfolio, I think also when I was younger I would try and cram every single design I liked into my portfolio, in the hope that one item would catch the eye of a recruiter or potential employer. As I have become more skilled though I now only include very few pieces which are very intentional and show a few different skills. With UX I see that it not only about the final product but also about the process that was taken to get the product to that point.

Items mentioned on the process

  • Strategy and goals
  • Research
  • Prototyping and design
  • Usability testing
  • Hand off or iterating on design

STAR acronym to define important content for your portfolio

  • Situation: goal of the project
  • Task: what tasks were used to complete this, (wireframing, testing, research etc.)
  • Results (analytics, final designs, customer testimonials)

The article also mentions to show your portfolio to people in the UX field and possibly even recruiters who specialize in recruiting for that industry. I am thinking in a few months to send it to recruiters just to ask their opinion, and possibly start working on it from now that it is a slow build up instead of a scramble like how the author mentions

Bye for now!

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