Day #26: The practical beginners guide to user research

Day #26: The practical beginners guide to user research


As I have said before my general skill set is in digital design, so I have decided to focus a lot on the research side, I think moving forward I am going to have a UX research category as a page on its own. I hope you enjoy the article as always most of my findings are from blogs and videos I watch. Enjoy!

The 3 categories of user research

  1. Preliminary user research
  • Happens before the design
  • Decide on which user groups to target
  • Understanding the preferences of the target groups
  • Looking at the viability of the product on the market
  • Looking at ways to increase the product value
  • Common methods in this process include: interviews, surveys and diary entries


  1. General usability testing
  • This explores the structure and functionality of the overall design
  • I must investigate card sorting and tree testing, as these are mentioned as processes for this step


  1. Fine tuning usability
  • This is testing decisions that were made in the previous steps
  • A/B testing is mentioned here, I have heard of this and would like to investigate it more


Different approaches to user testing

  • Unmoderated testing produces natural results, cost less and are easier to schedule
  • If the product is complex a user may need to be subtly explained on the process
  • Remote testing often has same benefits as unmoderated tests (more natural user behavior)
  • On site tests are more well suited for highly confidential products


I enjoyed learning about the different processes and terms and what is beneficial where, however this is not the end for this article. I don’t even think I am half way, so I will be posting on another section pertaining to this article soon

Bye for now!



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