Day#31 what is good design?

Day#31 what is good design?

The dreaded question designers get asked what design is. When I studied graphic design was the courses that was predominantly female and the digital course was more male orientated, I did the digital course because from the get go I have had a secret loathing for print ha-ha. I hear though that it has swapped, and the digital courses are now just larger in general capacity. Which makes complete sense but funny enough to this day if I meet someone new and discuss being a designer they assume I am a fashion designer. This notion that women must be fashion designers ha-ha, I can tell you it’s not from my dress sense because I am forever in torn jeans and a t shirt.

So, what is good design you ask? Well it’s a combination of various attributes that form a visually pleasing layout, it is understanding the brief on a deeper level and sometimes it even requires some telepathy.. Dont quote me on that I dont believe in telepathy gosh no!. I had a friend ask me for advice on their logo design recently and I want to share some of my process of how I analyzed the layout.

  • Firstly, I am a serious pessimist and I critique my design from top to bottom using an unbiased approach, you can’t feel that this your sweat and blood right there on screen and refuse to see that the artwork may need changes. This type of mind-set will make you difficult to receive feedback from others and pick up mistakes on your own
  • Stay abreast with current trends, look at the way colours, gradients and shadows are utilized in current trends. This will help with making the artwork look modern. This was specific advice for the logo in question
  • This one never works for me, but I know many creatives that swear by it, work on paper for logos first, often they indicate they come up with amazing unique ideas and then just move the sketch onto a digital platform. I can do this with wire-frames, but logos just don’t work for me in this fashion.
  • Those boring design principles you heard whilst in class trying to text your friend were important, go back and try find those notes if not look online. A lot of those design principles hold their weight flowing through design trends and platforms, good design has a core structure make sure you understand it before you want to break it and create something unique

I have really loved my journey as a designer now in retrospect, there were times I really struggled and found that I didn’t really fit in too many companies and positions but with identifying what I didn’t like I in turn realized what I do love, and it has certainly provided a firm baseline for my venture into the UX industry

Bye for now!

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