Day #39: Time management tips (That actually work)

Day #39: Time management tips (That actually work)

I have watched many, and I mean MANY YouTube videos on self-improvement and motivation. I have never come across videos that spoke about it this way. I really like Amy’s channel and have been watching a few of her videos already, she breaks down content in a very theoretical manner which I appreciate. Even though I come from a creative background, I find myself drifting more and more towards logical breakdowns as I progress in my career.

The most important thing I took from this video was learn that if you are saying yes to one project in essence you are saying no to another project. I really need to work on this because often in my effort to prove my value on a job I tend to offer my help wherever I can, I end up over worked and drained, as you get more skilled in your industry of choice this is unnecessary. Yes work can be draining but commit to deadlines that are realistic and understand that when you are dedicating to a task you are shifting the value of other items on the agenda.

Things to do for time management

  • Block out your time
  • Even time with friends and family
  • Start with monitoring your time on a regular basis
  • This will help with clearly seeing what you are spending your time on
  • Committing to tasks means you are in essence not doing something else, so commit to only things that will bring you closer to your goal

As I said before in one of my previous posts, my partner is extremely dedicated and hard working. It is probably a combination of drive and passion for what he does, where as I tend to be lazier.. I find though that I am very aware of how I spend my time when he is busy doing Udemy courses and I am sitting back eating chips on the couch ha-ha! Basically surround yourself with people that inspire you as well, nothing worse than only having friends who are nagging you about going out all the time when you want to start working on some self-improvement. I have detached myself from many a friendship purely because they influence my time negatively, yes there are other types of relationships and there are lots of reasons for having a relationship with a friend but just make sure the encounter is a positive one!

Bye for now!

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