Day #41: UX Designer interview

Day #41: UX Designer interview

This video talks about the process the Youtuber takes to find a UX designer, from how he picks the people he will interview to the actual interview process. I think interviews can be stressful but you can curb some of the stress leading up to the event by being as prepared as possible. I often watch videos on presentation and general answering skills techniques, because I don’t want to be in a situation where I have digressed so much and am displaying lack of focus or the wrong information.

About the video

  • Out of over a 100 applicants 10 are picked
  • Telephonic interviews are then conducted to narrow down to 5
  • 3 were interviewed on the day of the video
  • A brief is discussed and the interviewer wants to understand the process the UX designer would take to obtain the goals of the project
  • The project is then moved to digital whilst being monitored by the interviewer
  • Minimal time is given for the whole task, (in my opinion the goal is not about finishing the task but about displaying core traits that the interviewer is looking out for)

I would have liked more details on what stood out for him as traits that would fit the position he was hiring for, he did mention his surprise with UX designers using Photoshop. I think this relates to something I spoke about in the previous post, people build up habits that are difficult to break. Once using a program you become lazy to learn a new program and have to learn a whole new set of parameters that go with that program, however programs are built for various functions and if you want to perform to the best of your ability and complete a task with efficiency, sometimes it is best to be the novice for a short time period of time so that you can excel later on. Until next time

Bye for now!

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