Day #42: Career foundry UX design short course (day 1)

Day #42: Career foundry UX design short course (day 1)

So the title is a little misleading but that’s what career foundry calls it so I’m going to stick to that title ha-ha! I found the information when I was searching for online courses and the call to action was “sign up for a free 7 day course in UX” The idea is you receive a mail a day with content on UX, the first mail indicates the following

  • It takes you through what is UX and the history of UX
  • It explains the relation that UXD has to this (user experience design)
  • The mail also talks about good verses bad UX design

Good vs bad UX design

  • They use an example of a tap with multiple levers that then make it difficult for the user to figure out which is the tap they need for which purpose. The idea is that this same logic needs to be applied to the user experience of apps and websites
  • The mail also talks about the importance of wireframes, and how a design can communicate ideas and demonstrate how a design will function.
  • Another tip mentioned is monitoring industry standards (they don’t necessarily call it this) this is understanding how other sites function and placement of specific concepts and actions. This helps with understanding how users portray certain attributes on applications so that you can simulate a similar experience without making it confusing for a user

The purpose of me including this random mailer I got for free, was trying to help people understand how much information you can really obtain without paying for it. There are lots of valuable tips for starting out in an industry. I think once you have exhausted all the free tools and avenues available that’s when you can look into paid for courses etc. Saying that you don’t have money to expand your knowledge is a far stretch with YouTube, Blogs and Sites that house lots of free courses etc. All you need is a good internet line and you can really self-teach yourself a multitude of things

Bye for now!

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