Day#43: General advise

Day#43: General advise

General tips for learning something new

How to learn something new

  • Read, read read! I once asked a UI designer at a big company I was working at how she got into UI, her answer was just read everything you can get your hands on, on the content you are interested in. I think it was great advise because in relation to UX I have learnt a vast amount through reading blogs and articles pertaining to UX
  • Start a project, ahhmmm or a blog. Honestly though the best way to flex those new skills would be by doing a project on the content you are learning. I split up my evening with research for my blog, working on the start-up and occasionally something that is somewhat in between.
  • YouTube is your best friend: I am a predominantly visual learner, so basically I love learning with video. In modern times, the internet is the best thing for me. I tend to resort to the internet if I am feeling particularly tired though or want a change of pace.
  • Keep working at it! You can’t expect to learn one term or process and think you know what UX is, it is a multifaceted subject. With interesting content in relation to design, functionality, social and user psychology and leadership qualities. Work on all the different facets and you will really thrive in the industry
  • Stay motivated: this relates to the previous point but staying motivated is easier said than done, my partner is extremely driven, no you don’t understand EXTREMELY! It’s a real inspiration and nudge for me in the right direction, because give me a great movie or even a mediocre movie and popcorn and I will just lay on the couch all day. Its difficult but goal boards with imagery of the future you want to have also help. Good luck on your journey!

Bye for now!

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