Day#47: Tips for the work place, how to pick a job you will like

Day#47: Tips for the work place, how to pick a job you will like

Hi everyone

So, I have picked many terrible jobs over the years, firstly when you are younger this will happen its just a given. You are out of college or school and looking for your first job and just take whatever you get if you anything like me. You don’t have a lot of expenses and variables to compare it to, so it seems great in theory. A big problem that a lot of people have is they allow the company to interrogate them about a position they are applying for and jump through all the hoops they need to jump through, but they don’t set any of their own for a company.

What to do?

  • Write down all the things that are important for you when looking for a job
  • List them in an order from most important to less important, yes there may be items that are equally important so for those you can put them alongside one another
  • When you look for job specs try read between the lines, a lot of the time job specs are very cliché (more on that in another post) but try see if you can spot unique items that stand out to you
  • In your interview ask about the company culture, ask about conflict in the work place and how it is tackled
  • Sometimes companies hide their dirty secrets very well though, so this may help, but you may still have a difficult experience. For example I interviewed with a company and accepted a job at a company, only to find that they were difficult and micro management was an issue across the board of the company, as well as forcing employees to attend weekly social gatherings between colleagues which becomes tedious when you just want to get home on a Friday
  • That brings me to another point, if you are in creative you are bound to work at an agency at some point and you should know in advance that agencies are a whole different ball game, salaries can be ridiculously low for junior creatives. The hours are generally long, and often you will be expected to join for social gatherings. So be prepared for this work-play lifestyle if you are looking into agencies. These are not the only traits obviously but keep them in mind.
    As an introvert I really prefer keeping polite professional relationships with my colleagues and then becoming a raging lunatic when online gaming at home, it’s just my style…

Something that I have been thinking I will do for my next job is possibly try asking if I can spend the afternoon at the offices, which would entail taking time off work, this is difficult to arrange and I may not get it right. Picking the right job is tricky and often you must do it without having any knowledge of the actual company. For me what is important in a company is management style, organisation structure, and the actual work of course.

Until next time, bye for now!

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