Day#48: Companies and job specs

Day#48: Companies and job specs

Hi everyone! So, I love looking at jobs specs, I assess their skills listed and salaries etc, the problem is most companies don’t know what they are looking for. In big companies H.R may not be communicating with creative etc and then a job spec is out on a graphic designer meanwhile they need someone for web. With in house positions you have an organisation who has a list of functions they need done and the people who are looking, are not in the design industry so when in doubt say graphic design seems to be the rule of thumb.

I take jobs specs as a baseline and I still ask about job functions, management styles, and other requirements in the interview. Sometimes an item may be mentioned on the spec that is not even that important to them as a company and you don’t want to waste your interview time talking about something that may not matter to the company. The idea is to let the interviewer talk about the company and pick up on subtle ques then you add those items in when you are answering questions. Something that I find extremely annoying is when there are job specs with an undisclosed salary, from the companies’ perspective they do this so that they can then decide based on what people ask for, and not have someone come in expecting a certain amount, or atleast thats what I think it relates to. I generally don’t apply for positions with undisclosed salaries because it often ends up as a very low offer. The other weird thing I notice in interviews is when companies want you to display a passion for their product/service. I have a passion for my craft; design, UX, psychology and functionality. I don’t walk into an interview passionate about your product., its old fashioned and it often puts me off a company when they try and enforce that type of notion. Yes, over time I may grow to like the industry, but you want someone passionate about their craft because that will be what you hire them for.

Finally, and this has turned into somewhat of a rant ha-ha! Companies often ask you questions that contradict each other in relation to human personalities; we want someone who loves working in a team but also thrives with working independently. When I get asked this in an interview, I answer as honestly as possible. “I really like working alone, but I have grown to adapt to working with people because often at any job and any company you will have to work with people at some point” its no point saying you are great at everything, because I can guarantee you nobody is! And the way that I normally answer is realistic. Also, at this stage of my career I want to do a process of sifting and have a company know who I am, and what I can do and have a realistic view of me. If I don’t fit into their culture and environment, then it is probably for the best that I find a job that is more suited to me

Until next time, bye for now!

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