Day#49: What it takes to be a UX designer in 2018

Day#49: What it takes to be a UX designer in 2018

Some industries get away with not keeping up with their craft, for example I have met many doctors who are not up to speed with clinical studies which change what advise they may give, yet when you are in tech you can’t away with such mannerisms. You shouldn’t be able to get away with it either when dealing with peoples lives but anyway let me not get into the argument of why I dislike most doctors ha-ha! The article mentions how Industry standards are constantly changing (which is good I personally love an industry that keeps reinventing itself because then you flush out longer, perhaps even unnecessary processes)

Everything is getting smarter

  • “Predict what the user will want before they search for it” An example of this is an automated response mailer that goes out to people who added items to a cart but did not purchase. I do this sometimes to mull over buying the items without being caught up in the moment and then regretting my massive purchase ha-ha. Yes, I sound like an online shopping addict. Anyway, methods like this where you understand the user’s actions help make their lives easier
  • “Personalization is about tapping into human needs, or more specifically, the needs of your audience.” Again, forethought and understanding, research your users well and know what they will be looking out for

Time saving features

  • The trick is balancing the improvements, so they actually improve a user’s experience, as opposed to hindering them more. Boosting performance so the page or elements load faster is a simple example. Adding detailed instructions on the page that direct users appropriately is another.” You want to concentrate on a multitude of reasons to ensure the user experience is one that is fluid and easy.
  • Voice activated experiences, I’m going to do a post on this topic in the future so won’t be chatting about it much here, just that it will be an interesting step forward when mainstream applications other than Google etc can start making use of this functionality
  • Augmented reality, this has been around for a long time now, but advances have already started in gaming. The Pokémon craze was just one of them, I will also be doing more content in the future to clearly outline how this function can be used in the user experience arena
  • Modern authentication, I was talking about this with someone recently, when working on an application which had such a long and arduous authentication process. You end up making the process to long and the user will just not see the point in wasting their time, have sections that can be filled in later and changed etc. The article also mentions finger print authentication and other methods that can be used. Chat more next time!

Bye for now!

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