Industry interview with a designer & self made social media consultant

Industry interview with a designer & self made social media consultant

Hey guys so I decided to start a new section interviewing various people I have crossed paths with in my life so far. Often I find them interesting and its an excuse for me to ask them loads of questions, and Sasha Lee Findlay is one of them! Sasha was a year ahead of me at college and has a very interesting career so far. She has a blog and constantly posts content in the tech space on social media. I think it’s always great to collaborate and I was thrilled when she agreed to answer some questions for the blog, enjoy!

  1. What were your goals in college for your career?

I’m really not sure. I think at the time I just needed to study something creative. Graphic design was amongst my other choices of Fashion Design, Journalism and Creative Writing.


  1. How have your goals and dreams changed?

I think the fact that I didn’t really have any when I was studying in college has allowed me to have a fluid career and outlook on life- adapting to change and shifting where needed.


  1. Why do you think your goals have changed, and how do you reflect on those changes?

As you mature and grow up, you realise how the world truly works as a whole and also within your industry. I discovered many more paths that could be taken and also many more things that I could become. In essence, I’ve not set myself just one thing to achieve or become- but other smaller achievements that will lead me on an exciting journey. I’ve planned a journey not a destination.


  1. What are some of the processes you have in place at your current day job?

Spreadsheets are a big part of my job- without them, it’s difficult to keep track of spend and where you are in a project. I have a spreadsheet for just about everything and I always share it with partners & suppliers so that there is transparency and everyone is on the same page. Google docs is amazing (just saying)!


  1. What do you wish your company did differently?

I wish that they would take a more open minded approach to where the world and industry is heading in terms of technology, media and audience engagement. I think it’s critical that you keep up with the times because technology is changing and so is your customer and their way of consuming media and your product.


  1. What does your company do well?

They do tradition well. 


  1. A quote to live by?

“Whatever you are doing, whether it’s pooping or pitching, give it your all!” – Sasha-Lee Findlay


You can find Sasha here on her blog PuttyPerfect and also on her Facebook page Putty Perfect. I really loved how she mentioned spreadsheets it made me laugh, because as I have moved forward with my career so has my love of organizing my workflow in a similar spreadsheet fashion. I recently moved cities and I had about 3 spreadsheets with details for everything, it really seemed excessive to everyone else but to me it all made sense!  Spreadsheets can really help with keeping organised when you are working on a number of projects, and it helps to map out timelines and block out time for specific tasks etc. I think the problems that she has faced are so real, and something to realize is lots of other companies are facing these problems too where they struggle to move forward. The best things us millennial’s can do is keep trying to create an environment that is adaptable for change, because that is how we will succeed with paving the way for companies that struggle with this. Thanks for sharing your time with us Sasha!

Bye for now!

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