Day#54: Balsamiq review of the tool

Day#54: Balsamiq review of the tool

I have used Balsamiq when creating wire-frames in the past, and wanted to do a post on the overall program. Firstly here is few facts on the Balsamiq platform

  • Founded in 2008 by a former Adobe senior software developer
  • Achieved over $6.4 million in 2015
  • It is a graphic wireframe mock-up tool, that provides the user with premade widgets and a drag and drop functions to make creating wireframes on the pc an easier experience
  • I have recently found out that you can add libraries for specific CSS frameworks, like bootstrap for example so that when you are creating wireframes you are creating them using the visual concepts that will be able to be replicated in that particular framework
  • The site has various pricing structures which are pretty affordable so check it out if you want to test the water even for a month or so, because I know they do free trials as well
  • There are also quite a few videos on learning the software, if you have experience with Adobe software though you will find this program a real breeze as it is easy to use and even uses a lot of the same icons for actions

The interface

  • Has a range of icons, and images you can drag and drop onto the screen, these are wireframe related
  • The buttons are confusing when clicked on the interface because they don’t have different states, for example unselected and selected.
  • I remember watching a few tutorials on the program and then jumping right in, and figuring out the rest as I went, it is a fairly simple program unlike other software


All in all I think you should give the program a try because it really is a wonderful tool to cut down on designing wire-frames in Photoshop or illustrator etc.

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