Day#56: How to change your career from marketing to UX (part1)

Day#56: How to change your career from marketing to UX (part1)

Often there is a lot of resource material on designers transitioning to UX positions but I don’t often see content on the field of marketing transitioning to UX. I would think both industries can make this transition without completely obliterating all their prior experience. Marketing has a lot of research and statistics involved and using it for the purpose of user experience is closely related in my opinion. It would just be the core reason behind the action of the research that is different, anyway let’s get to the article

“UX design begins with user researchUser interviews, surveys, and focus groups are a few techniques a UX designer might use to get a clear picture of a user’s needs and desires. These research then feed into a design and development phase to create a product that satisfies a user’s needs. What happens next is more research: usability testing, user testing, etc. to see if user behaviors of using the product fall in line with expectations. Results of the research then feeds back into a new round of design—and the iterative process continues.”

Research driven information

  • Marketing is informed by research on consumer behavior
  • Design is informed on research of user needs and behaviour


  • Marketing and design are about making the product/site as desirable to the customer as possible
  • Marketing aims to make products desirable to customers so they will spend more money on purchasing the products
  • UX design aims to make products desirable to users, so that the user will have a great experience
  • Both use a great level of user psychology

The differences between marketing and UX design

  • Marketing has a goal of conversions (increasing sales)
  • UX design works on building the best experience
  • The subject of dark patterns is mentioned in the article, which I will be looking into at a further date for another post, basically it’s when a site forces you/tricks you into purchasing a product or service etc.
  • The article also discusses how marketing looks at broad trends with relation to demographics where as UX is more focused on individual users. UX identifies that what a user may say in a survey can be very different from what the user may actually do.

This is a really long article so I’m going to break it up into two posts, thanks for stopping by, I will end off with this quote by Steve Jobs

 “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Bye for now!

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