Day#59: The dark side of UX

Day#59: The dark side of UX

For a long time now I have noticed dark patterns but I didn’t know that the term was called dark patterns, so I was very intrigued when I came across this article. The article describes how organisations can trick users to buy products, sign up etc. by using certain persuasion methods. Users are always becoming more and more aware so it takes being able to come up with different ways to ensure you can create mechanisms of dark patterns. Personally I don’t like sites that do this, I was recently looking at properties on a property site, and found I had to untick 3 check boxes that would have allowed the site to basically spam me.  3 check boxes on the entire sign up process was forceful and intrusive. You want the user to feel as if they can trust the site with their details etc. and having mechanisms like this will leave your user feeling exactly the opposite.

“The choice is there for most designers: do you choose UX design in its traditional form (i.e. to benefit users) or do you use the knowledge and practices from UX design to create products that trick, manipulate, and coerce the user? There is one thing you need to consider though, some of these methods are now illegal.”

I will be doing another posts on dark patterns which are now illegal but also research into who monitors these types of regulations. Check out the video below on dark pattern in UX

For now though it is important for UX designers, researchers and web designers to understand the user and not design only for targets. The target of getting a user to buy the product is after all the end goal however the path to get there can be a slippery slope if dark patterns are employed for profitability. Happy researching

Bye for now!

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