Day#60: How to change your career from graphic design to UX design

Day#60: How to change your career from graphic design to UX design

I have left out all the general statements the article has made about what UX design is please go take a look at some of my other posts to have a clearer understanding on this. The article states the following

“Graphic design is about emotional communication through typography, color and images; serif fonts and dark, duller colors evoke seriousness, while san-serif fonts and bright colors tend to bring out a sense of joy or excitement. Graphic designers are hence very often emotional designers who elicit specific reactions in a user. UX design is also concerned with shaping the emotions of the user, although it tends to take a broader, big picture view of the entire user’s experience with the product.”

Statements like this help one identify the core differences between the two careers, I have heard of designers going into UX interviews and being asked this in the interview and not having a structured valuable answer. This is a perfect example of an answer you could use in a scenario like that. It also helps with colleagues because often people will ask you what exactly you do at the company if they are not in your direct department and it helps by explaining a career instead of simply saying “I’m a UX designer”.

Differences between Graphic designers and UX designers

  • Graphic designers conform to brand guidelines and ensure the final product is pixel perfect (having the right selection of colors, fonts etc)
  • UX is about problem solving through research, where GD’s are given the brief and all the answers they would need to design, it becomes the UXD’s responsibility to identify patterns in research and design with this in mind
  • Once a GD is done with their design it is the responsibility of other departments to continually test the work, often I felt as a designer that a project was never entirley mine. If you have this type of notion then UX is probably more for you. You get to work on a project more and through research can establish various deciding factors that can change the project drastically

Since the site I referenced is a write up for a site that does courses they also mentioned their courses, however as I have said before I am trying to include as much free material as possible before introducing paid for methods of learning UX. One thing to take away from this is that as a graphic designer you would need to focus on learning how to research content, ideas and functionality. Understand why certain mechanisms work and others do not. This will help when explaining to stakeholders the reasons for decisions made and can drive site wide improvements on revenue.

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