Day#65: Understand the elements and thinking modes that create fruitful ideation sessions (part 1)

Day#65: Understand the elements and thinking modes that create fruitful ideation sessions (part 1)

Hi everyone! So this post is going to be on brainstorming, thinking patterns and a few other topics, for this post I read through this article.

Elements that influence ideation sessions

  • Thinking modes
  • People dynamics
  • Clear goals
  • Tools and methods
  • Constraints
  • Stimulus
  • Environment

Thinking modes

  • Vertical thinking: Based on pure logic, past data and existing solutions […] it is best to use vertical thinking after the initial divergent stages of ideation, where you need to choose one or more specific ideas”
  • Binary thinking: “Binary thinking serves to see the world through a yes/no, right/wrong lens. In other words: black or white. There is no room for exploration, gradation, or ambiguity. This is the antithesis of innovation or human-centred problem solving. With so much complexity to consider, solutions need to span across a spectrum of needs, which requires broader, more holistic cognitive processes”
  • Lateral thinking-horizontal: Horizontal thinking, unlike vertical thinking, is used to investigate wider not deeper. The opposite of lateral thinking is vertical/linear thinking, which is about being analytical, careful and precise and finding logical solutions. Lateral thinking involves solving problems through an indirect and creative It’s all about using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.”

I found the above interesting, it helps unpack the different styles of processing a task that the human brain goes through. I often block out my day for different types of mental activities, for example I often read articles which are sometimes long, and get through more of the tedious work in the morning. That way it’s out of my way and I can move on with my day without the dread of having to do those tasks when I am tired and hungry. I know some people prefer their creative fun tasks at the start of the day and I suppose work out a plan that suits you best, not saying this works best for everyone it just seems to be working for me for now. This type of information can be important for setting up brainstorming events, because you can go into the meeting and explain to everyone what the criteria will be, it will also help with picking colleagues who you know excel at a specific type of thinking pattern to assist in the brainstorming process

I have decided to split this up because I am starving and need to make dinner ha-ha

Bye for now!

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