Day#66: Understand the elements and thinking modes that create fruitful ideation sessions (part 2)

Day#66: Understand the elements and thinking modes that create fruitful ideation sessions (part 2)

Hiya so today is part 2 breaking down the article on understanding the elements and thinking modes to create fruitful ideation sessions, enjoy!

Provocations in lateral thinking (these are methods to come up with unique ideas, concepts)

  • Randomisation
  • Contradiction
  • Reversal
  • Distortion
  • Exaggeration
  • Insight or Theme Mining
  • Analogies
  • Questioning the Norms
  • Wishing and Dreaming
  • Escapism
  • Breaking Assumptions

Three modes of thinking in ideation sessions

  • Early stage divergent thinking: “where the quantityof ideas is more important than quality”
  • Emergent thinking: “This is an in-between thinking style, which leverages ideas generated in the early divergent stage as stimuli to allow the generation of additional ideas. It is a building uponphase, in which new connections, mix-ups and ideas are sparked from the pile of ideas generated during early phases. Usually what emerges out of these later thinking sessions would not have been possible without the early, more chaotic divergent sessions”
  • Convergent thinking: “Convergent thinking is at the opposite end of ideation sessions, and involves closing off these sessions by sifting through ideas, grouping them into themes, picking out common threads and ultimately deciding upon winners and losers. Ideation and Design Thinking is not a wild frenzy of chaos. Impractical or impossible solutions do need to be weeded out, or at least the overly ambitious ones need to be shelved for later consideration in certain cases. This is where you make decisions through the lenses of desirable, viable and feasible”

In conclusion this article helps identify different thinking patterns that can be used for brainstorm sessions and at what stage each action is required. You need each phase to come up with great ideas, the article also includes some tips on the environment for the meeting and material to inspire the team. All in all an interesting article, I like having a list of the methods for coming up with ideas, it will help spark creative juices in these types of meetings, for the beginning of the meeting where everyone is still in another frame of mind. Happy researching!

Bye for now

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