Day#71: Expert guide on how to make a badass portfolio (part 1)

Day#71: Expert guide on how to make a badass portfolio (part 1)

So I did a post on Recruitment companies yesterday and today Offerzen’s blog is the topic of discussion, and no they are not sponsoring any of this content. This blog was started as a learning journey for me in UX research and design, so my opinions are all honest and to the point. Anyway, Offerzen did this post on creating a portfolio that I thought I would include

What to consider when creating your portfolio

  • You have 30 seconds to grab the attention of the recruiter/employer
  • Your portfolio should adapt to the type of role you are applying for, don’t show every single project you have worked on

What to include in your portfolio

  • 3 best projects to be included
  • One that is comprehensive, showing the entire process
  • One that is constrained in relation to time, resources etc.
  • One that is exploratory, a personal project can be used for this

Each project should in turn include

  • An overview of the project
  • The process
  • The outcome

Some questions to consider asking yourself when structuring the brief overview

  • Who was the client
  • What was the problem
  • What was the objective
  • Who was in the team
  • What was the timeline of the project

“Show the processes you used to solve the problem, the single most powerful thing you can do to make sure your UI/UX portfolio gets noticed is to show your process. Prioritize your process over the results (though both are important). Detail the train of thought that guided your problem-solving and build it into a cohesive narrative. Include everything you did to solve the problem.”

The article is quite long, so going to split into two parts, happy researching!

Bye for now

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