Day#73: The User Experience of portfolios

Day#73: The User Experience of portfolios

This article speaks about some things Uxers don’t often think about when structuring their portfolio. Often a portfolio needs to represent many things. Dependent on the type of role it may need to display User Experience design more than research, or visa versa. I often include the items I most enjoyed and will most enjoy working on in the future as well to ensure that I do a pre-sifting process so to speak. It then allows for companies that want someone that has those abilities to find me. This process may not be ideal for someone who is just trying to start out in the field, so I would suggest a more general portfolio dependent on what you would like from your future prospective company.

Often, we have certain platforms for creating a portfolio and don’t consider the user experience for the recruiter or employer for our portfolios. It means for example like with all other forms of user experience understanding the action that the user will be taking, what they are looking for and so forth. I have drafted a few tips and questions below

Tips for your what to include in your portfolio

  • Pick 3 projects to display in your portfolio
  • Make sure each project displays different types of projects00 orientated goals, this relates to the resources allocated to the project
  • Try pick 3 different user flow examples
  • Ensure that you explain your thought process of every project very clearly

Topics to consider when building your portfolio

  • What type of company do you want to work for, what is your dream job
  • What are recruiters and possible employers looking for, this you can find out by asking recruiters. Speak to people you may know in the industry and hear their take on the process and what’s needed
  • Does your portfolio suit the level of the position you are applying for?
  • How can you best display the traits that make you a hiring catch?

I think often we are shooting in the dark when looking for a job, unsure of why you are not getting that job you were so excited about or how to improve. Look at the situation in an unbiased frame of mind and see how you can constantly better your professional image. I am constantly changing my portfolio, some things that I was so proud of 10 years ago are no where to be seen in my portfolio now. That is the art of self-improvement, happy researching!

Bye for now!

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